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What to Do If A Tree Damages Your Property

Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Helps Roanoke with Recovery

Do you know what to do if a tree damages your property? People are often attracted to homes surrounded by beautiful trees. However, due to disease, or other factors, many trees drastically suffer overtime. These diseased and damaged trees can potentially fall and cause property damage. It’s imperative to know what to do when an unfortunate property damage event happens. Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal knows the best safety procedures to practice if a tree causes property damage.


Let us provide you with some tree damage safety suggestions to follow to ensure your family’s safety. In addition, we will also give you ways to reduce further property damage or storm damage with proper tree removal. Here at Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal, we are proud to provide our customers with tree damage safety tips.


Safety Tips to Follow If a Tree Damages Your Property

Although tree fall fatalities are relatively low, the statistics for tree property damage range in the hundreds of thousands. Chances are, if you’re a homeowner with many trees in your yard, you may experience tree damage and property damage. In this situation, it’s essential to know what to do:


Immediately Evacuate

Before doing anything else, immediately evacuate to keep everyone in your house

out of harm’s way. If a branch penetrates the structure, it is best if no one enters the home until professionals assess the property. It can be challenging to determine the storm damage extent until a certified inspection team examines the property damage.


Call 911 and Your Insurance Company

Fire crews and first responders should be on the scene to ensure your family is safe. If anyone suffers injuries, let the dispatcher know this when you call and make sure they seek medical care. No matter the storm damage’s extent, it’s smart to have a detailed description and some photos for your insurance company. Snap some storm damage and property damage pictures on your phone or camera and provide them to your insurance company.


Contact a Professional Roofer

When assessing storm damage, it’s essential to get a professional opinion. Call your trusted roofing company and have them come out to examine the structure. Some issues may be straightforward, but others may not. Even if the property damage may seem small, you never know how bad it truly is until a professional checks it out.


Secure Valuables and Damaged Areas

If you cannot live in the house during storm damage repairs, it’s vital to secure damaged areas to prevent looting and theft. Gather valuables and put them in temporary storage, board up broken windows and holes in the wall. Property damage is a very stressful situation, and securing what matters right away can alleviate further stress.

If you encounter storm damage or property damage from trees, it’s important to remember that safety is highly critical. According to, “More people are killed by falling trees every year (100+) than by sharks (about 4-7 per year).” If you fall victim to storm damage and need our tree removal services, contact Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal.


How to Prevent Further Property Damage from Falling Trees

Although homeowners can’t keep property damage from occurring in every storm, they are the first line of defense for storm damage protection. As a homeowner, you can help prevent property damage and tree removal from ever occurring in several ways:



Pruning trees can prevent weak or loose branches from falling in a storm. However, over-pruning branches can weaken a tree. Prior to pruning, it’s best to check local tree regulations to ensure proper timing of the work.


Regularly Check Trees for Damage or Disease

Taking the time to examine your trees for diseases or damages may help you spot a deficient tree before a storm hits. It’s imperative to take action immediately if you notice a diseased tree. Here are some things to look for:

  • Branches crossed with others, hanging over the house or near a roof
  • Cracks in tree trunks
  • Hollow or decayed trees
  • Mushrooms growing in the soil (this indicates a weak stem)
  • Tree limbs touching power lines
  • Trees that lean to one side significantly


Trees with a Soft Base are More Prone to Falling

Like the damaged and diseased trees, some trees are more prone to falling in a storm because of their weak base. However, healthy trees, large and small alike, have fallen due to strong winds, which is out of anyone’s control. It’s essential to pay particular attention to damaged, diseased, and delicate trees as part of regular maintenance before considering tree removal.


24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service in Roanoke, VA

Removing damaged, diseased, or delicate trees and ones that caused property damage and storm damage can be tricky. Why not let the experts handle it? Give Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal a call 24-hours a day for tree removal and if your home suffers any tree damage. Trees never pick a good time to fall. Random acts of nature can make trees pose a severe safety hazard, causing a need for tree removal. Our team will get to your home quickly to provide dead, diseased, and delicate tree removal services. For more information about our 24-hour emergency tree removal service, please visit our services page.



For more information on what to do if a tree damages your property, give Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal a call at (540) 330-4761. Our team brings extensive experience in tree removal to help you know what to do if a tree damages your property.