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How to Prepare Trees for Severe Weather

Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Asks: Are Your Trees Prepared?

Do you know how to prepare trees for severe weather? Most people don’t think this is necessary when a storm comes. However, preparation for anything is the best possible defense. It’s imperative to prepare your trees and any yard plants before the severe weather season starts. At Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal, we understand severe weather happens in the blink of an eye. This is why we encourage you to always be ready for when severe weather strikes.


This month, let us show you how you can properly prepare your trees before the next severe weather event. We will provide you some tree preparation tips and what to do if a tree does fall on your property. Here at Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal, we are proud to provide our customers with tips and tricks for tree preparation.


Follow These Tips When Preparing Trees for Severe Weather

In Roanoke, VA, storms are inevitable, unexpected, and can be unfortunately destructive. Whether it’s a hurricane, thunderstorm, or tornado, there is a high risk for tree damage if you’re not prepared. Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal can help you prepare your trees and lessen the damage risk that can cause serious injury. Here are some tips to follow as you begin preparing your trees for severe weather:

Examine your trees before the storm

Checking how your trees look before severe weather hits can save you a lot of hassle. Walk around your yard and remove any rotted, rubbing, or broken branches. Doing this can limit the amount of debris that may come with the upcoming severe weather. You can also take this time to bring any smaller trees or yard plants indoors to keep them safe.

Perform Preventative Pruning

Once you examine all the trees in your yard, it’s time to perform preventative pruning. Tree maintenance can make a huge difference when it comes to severe weather. By pruning trees, you can reduce their wind resistance and remove dead branches that can break easily. Remember to take your time while pruning because the branch’s size can determine a tree’s strength.

Protect the Tree’s Root System with Mulch

Mulching is essential for proper tree protection during severe weather. A wide mulch ring around the base of the tree removes the need to use lawn mowing equipment, minimizing damage. Putting mulch around the tree’s base also allows water and nutrients to drain down through the soil to the roots.

Watch for Cavities

A cavity in a tree trunk is like a person’s mouth as it creates a week spot in the entire structure. A tree with healthy wood is more likely to survive during severe weather. If you happen to notice a cavity in your tree trunk as you prepare for severe weather, call your local arborist.

Being prepared is the best way to persevere through severe weather threats of any kind. It is essential to understand this concept before any storm hits your area. For more information on preparing trees for severe weather, visit


What Do I Do If A Tree Causes Property Damage?

Unfortunately, if a severe weather event is terrible enough, trees can fall on your property and cause damage. If you notice that a tree falls on your home, immediately evacuate, call 911 and your insurance company to report the damage. If electrical power lines are down, call the electric company right away. Signs that a power line is down includes no power in the house or flickering lights. From the outside, you may be able to actually see a trapped or downed power line. Shut off the power at your breaker box if you know or even suspect that the fallen tree took a power line down with it. Follow these additional tips to ensure your families safety around downed electrical lines:

  • Never touch downed wires or anything in contact with them
  • Always assume that lines are energized as well as the ground nearby
  • Keep your children and pets away from downed wires


Hire a Professional Arborist to Help Clean Up Damage

“Tree Specialists” often show up after severe weather events. Owning a truck and chainsaw does not automatically make someone a professional. Taking the time to find the right arborist can safeguard your trees from long-term consequences. It’s important never to feel pressured to make an immediate decision when hiring an arborist. Arborists have the years of experience needed to remove a fallen tree. They can examine the situation and ensure that no further damage occurs to your property or other trees.


We Also Offer Storm Damage Tree Service to Roanoke, VA

If you feel that preparing trees for severe weather is too much to handle, call us today. For over 20 years, we have brought extensive tree experience to the office every single day. Our team of highly-trained professionals will treat your property like our own and provide superior customer service for the right price. We use state-of-the-art equipment to help us do our best work while staying safe. For more information about our services, please visit our website.


For more information on how to prepare trees for severe weather, give Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal a call at (540) 330-4761. Our team of highly-trained professionals has extensive experience in the tree service industry. We are proud to educate our customers on how to prepare trees for severe weather.