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Using the Right Tree Removal Tools for the Job

Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Asks: Are You Using Right Tree Tools?

Are you using the right tree removal tools for the job? Here at Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal, we take pride in educating our customers on using the proper tree tools. Most homeowners who do their own work use simple safety equipment, saw, shears, scissors, or even heavy machinery. No matter what tools you use, it’s essential to make sure they are right for the job you’re doing.

Let us show you some of the tools we use and how we prepare for every job we do. It’s important to remember when doing tree removal solo that safety is absolutely critical in using these instruments. Removing trees haphazardly from your yard can pose a serious danger to yourself, your neighbors, and those around you. We are proud to provide our customers with education and training for a DIY tree removal job.


What Tree Removal Tools Should You Use?

With the wide range of tree tools and equipment available, just about anyone can cut, trim, or remove small trees. However, some of these tree tools may not be suitable for the particular job you’re doing at your home. Many homeowners may also find them too expensive to purchase, difficult to operate, or too heavy to move around. recommends the following items for safe tree removal:

Personal Protective Equipment

The first and most important thing we always put in our equipment bag before any job is our safety equipment. Tree removal can be dangerous work if you’re not careful, and as we mentioned previously, safety is absolutely critical. Our team uses hard hats, gloves, and goggles to provide some protection from the hazards associated with tree work. All of these items are relatively inexpensive and will keep you safe while doing the job by yourself.

Ladders, Step Ladders, and Saws

One of the most significant challenges we face in tree removal is tending to branches higher off the ground. Standard ladders are the best way to reach high branches, and step ladders can get to the lower ones. Another tree tool we use is a pole saw, which has a small blade at the end of a long pole. It takes practice to master this tree tool’s correct and safe use because it can be cumbersome and unwieldy.

Bow Saws, Chainsaws, and Pruning Saws

When it comes to tree removal, we use saws from our wide selection instead of hedge clippers. Bow saws are efficient hand saws that quickly cut through branches and sticks up to about three inches in diameter. We like to use chainsaws to cut through branches bigger than three inches because they are designed for that purpose. Pruning saws are ideal for situations where loopers are too small, and a bow saw can’t fit between the branches.

Lawn Bags and Chippers

When we cut or remove even a single tree, it comes with leaving behind a significant amount of debris. Depending on where you currently reside, homeowners must put tied twigs and small branches curbside for municipal pick-up. Our team packs some biodegradable lawn bags for packing large amounts of branches, leaves, needles, and other debris. If you must remove several large trees, we recommend renting a gas-powered chipper, which can transform excess debris into mulch.


Climbing Equipment for Large Tree Removal Jobs

Believe it or not, the tree tools and tree removal process aren’t the most dangerous aspects of the job. Climbing the tree to reach higher up branches and small intricate details is a lot more dangerous. We always train our new employees on the safety and importance of proper, well-maintained tree climbing equipment.

You can purchase standard tree climbing equipment at any local hardware store or online. Including the safety equipment mentioned above, we also make sure our team has the following items packed in our trucks.

  • Ascenders and Descenders
  • Carabiners
  • Eye Slings
  • First-aid kit
  • Pulleys
  • Radios for communication
  • Rope
  • Spurs
  • Straps
  • Tails

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to remember that safety is absolutely vital when operating tree tools and tree climbing equipment. Before starting your job, we encourage you to look up proper safety precautions to take when doing tree removal alone. Using these tree tools correctly can safely remove all branches and tree limbs and cut down dead or disease-ridden trees.


We Also Offer Tree Removal Service to Roanoke, VA

If you feel that the task of solo tree removal is too daunting to handle, you can always give us a call. Our team brings over 20 years of experience to work for you. We will treat your property like it’s our own and provide excellent service at an affordable price throughout the Smith Mountain Lake area. We use state-of-the-art equipment that helps us do the most efficient job while maintaining safety. Please visit our website to learn more about our services.


For more information on using the right tree removal tools for the job, give Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal a call at (540) 330-4761. Our team is proud to educate our customers on using the right tree removal tools.