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Finding a Professional Tree Service in Roanoke, VA

Are You Looking for a Tree Service For Your Property?

Are you looking for a professional tree service in Roanoke, VA? Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal is here to help you find a terrific tree service to suit your needs. Most customers expect a tree service to have up to date insurance, experience, credentials, and professionalism. These can indicate whether or not they are fit for the job.

This month we’re going to explore the different ways to find the right tree service for your project. Remember the importance of insurance, credentials, and professionalism. We’ll explain a little more about how to determine if a company is right for you.

Qualities of a Tree Service in the New River Valley

When looking for a tree service, choose a few local businesses that offer the service you need. Before making the call to a tree service in the NRV, it’s good to have a few questions for them in mind. Some of these questions may include:

Will they provide up-to-date insurance information?

This question should be the first and most important one asked. It is vital to make sure the tree service is appropriately insured. When someone else is working on your property, safety should be the top priority.

How long have they been in business?

No one wants to hire someone inexperienced. Doing so will increase the risk of possible property damage. Ensure the chosen tree service is at least several years old and has extensive experience. Be cautious of companies who charge hefty prices in return for less than quality work.

What are their credentials?

Is the tree service properly certified? Where did they obtain these credentials? It’s vital to hire a company with enough certification to complete the project. Hiring a company with no credentials increases the risk of even more potential property damage.

How professional do they appear?

Customers can notice this quality upon first meeting them. Are they respectful? Is their company truck clean? What’s their policy if they damage something, and is it acceptable? These intricate details are critical to seeing a tree service’s professionalism. Ask every question you can think of to create a clear picture of the tree service’s professionalism.

Did you check customer reviews?

Search Google, Angie’s List, and other online resources to see what other customers say about various local companies. You could also ask for references when making the initial call.

Will they provide a free estimate?

It’s essential to get a written estimate from at least three different companies. Having a free estimate will help compare prices and understand the tree service’s work. Additionally, it will help you choose a feasible and responsible avenue to take when determining payment methods.

What equipment will they be using?

Tree service of any kind requires the right equipment. After all, no one wants massive trucks driving over their lawn, causing unnecessary damage. Make sure to ask them what sort of saws, clippers, and shears they will be using. It’s a good idea to know what tools the tree service is using to reassure that they will provide quality work. Check out Home Depot’s tips for pruning trees and shrubs for ideas on what’s right.

There are many other questions to ask a tree service before hiring them. The important thing is to make sure that you are comfortable with their work. It’s best to be safe and hire the right tree service for your needs.

Tree Service Checklist From Marks Tree & Stump Removal

Once you ask all the questions you need, follow our easy tree service checklist to ensure the prospective company meets these qualifications:

Review Your Notes:

Look over the written estimates, equipment, and service notes you collected from every tree service you spoke with. Ensure all of your questions are answered thoroughly, and that you’re comfortable with whom you choose. It’s essential to stay away from gimmicks that you come across to handle the final payments responsibly.

Get a Free Estimate:

Once you receive a written estimate, look and see how the tree service charges. Do they offer payment plans or a one-time rate? Choose how you will pay ahead of time before deciding on that business.

Choose Your Tree Service:

If the tree service you’re interested in checks all the boxes, choose them. It’s essential to keep in mind that the cheapest estimate is probably not the best idea. Companies out there may do low-quality work for hefty prices. Choose a good company that will provide exceptional work for the best price.

Write a Good Review to Acknowledge Good Service

If the tree service you hired did a good job, write a positive review on their website or Facebook page. You can also send them a thank you card for their services and give them a reference to someone else looking for their services. If a tree service provided excellent work, paying it forward goes a long way. It may help keep the tree service around and grow their reach within the market. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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