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Root Invigoration to improve Trees and Shrubs in Roanoke, VA

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Let Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Handle Your Landscaping When you need root invigoration to improve trees and shrubs in Roanoke, VA, call Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal. It is a technique that can improve the growth and health of trees and shrubs. When performing root invigoration, it’s essential to understand the benefits. Clemson University […]

We Offer More than Trees, Brush, and Shrub Removal

Let Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Beautify Your Roanoke, VA, Yard Our team offers more than trees, brush, and shrub removal. Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal prides itself on serving customers well. We do this by providing more than trees, brush, and shrub removal. By providing multiple services, we continue to enhance our reputation as […]

Signs that Your Trees Are Home to Wildlife

Understand Signs of Wildlife in Roanoke, VA There are many signs that your trees are home to wildlife. It’s easy to make observations without actually seeing live animals in Roanoke, VA. Some signs stick out; others don’t stick out as much. For this month’s blog, Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal will explain signs that your […]

Immediate Dead Tree Removal

Dead Trees Can Spread Infection to Surrounding Trees Performing immediate dead tree removal can save you a lot of stress. As a living organism, trees are prone to disease and death. Once a tree dies, it can still spread illness to other trees in the area. As a Roanoke, VA, homeowner, you’re responsible for any […]

Are You Hiring Certified Arborists?

Tree Professionals Have the Experience to Care for Trees By hiring certified arborists, you can yield a solid return on your investment. Having healthy trees in your Roanoke, VA, yard boosts curb appeal and offers ecological benefits. When it comes to tree service, most Roanoke, VA, homeowners lack the experience and equipment needed to do […]

How to Prepare Trees for Severe Weather


Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Asks: Are Your Trees Prepared? Do you know how to prepare trees for severe weather? Most people don’t think this is necessary when a storm comes. However, preparation for anything is the best possible defense. It’s imperative to prepare your trees and any yard plants before the severe weather season […]