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Caring for Hedges in the Winter in Roanoke, VA


Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Cares for Hedges in Roanoke, VA When you need help caring for hedges in the winter in Roanoke, VA, call Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal. Caring for hedges during the winter in Roanoke, VA, requires special attention due to colder temperatures and winter weather potential. Here are some tips to […]

Is Tree Topping Good or Bad in Roanoke, VA?

Blog 6

Call Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal for Service in Roanoke, VA Is tree topping good or bad in Roanoke, VA? This month, Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal will answer that question. According to the State of Virginia, tree topping is the drastic removal of large branches. Topping is generally considered a bad practice and can […]

Mulching Tips in Roanoke, VA

Blog 3

Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal is the Roanoke Valley’s Mulching Expert For mulching tips in Roanoke, VA, and the Roanoke Valley, call Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal. Mulching is an essential part of gardening and landscaping. This process involves covering the soil with a layer of organic or inorganic material. It has many benefits, such […]

Root Invigoration to improve Trees and Shrubs in Roanoke, VA

Blog 2

Let Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Handle Your Landscaping When you need root invigoration to improve trees and shrubs in Roanoke, VA, call Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal. It is a technique that can improve the growth and health of trees and shrubs. When performing root invigoration, it’s essential to understand the benefits. Clemson University […]

Shrub Pruning in the Summer, Serving Roanoke, VA

Blog 1

Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Serves the Roanoke Valley and Beyond When you need shrub pruning in the summer, serving Roanoke, VA, and the Roanoke Valley, call Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal. You can prune shrubs in the summer, but it’s best to observe caution and care. It’s essential to use the right tools when […]