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Shrub Pruning in the Summer, Serving Roanoke, VA

Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Serves the Roanoke Valley and Beyond

When you need shrub pruning in the summer, serving Roanoke, VA, and the Roanoke Valley, call Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal. You can prune shrubs in the summer, but it’s best to observe caution and care. It’s essential to use the right tools when trimming shrubbery. New York Magazine talks about the 11 best garden shears in 2023.



Here Are Some General Tips for Shrub Pruning in the Summer:

Timing: It is best to prune shrubs in the late winter or early spring before new growth begins. Pruning in the summer in Roanoke, VA, can cause stress to the plant, resulting in reduced flowering or growth.


Species: Some shrubs are more tolerant of shrub pruning in the summer than others. For example, individuals can prune many deciduous shrubs in the summer without harm. However, some evergreen shrubs may not tolerate summer pruning well.


Purpose: Pruning in the summer should be done for specific reasons. Some reasons include removing dead or diseased branches, controlling growth, or improving the plant’s shape. Avoid heavy pruning during the summer, as it can lead to the plant becoming stressed.


Technique: Use clean, sharp tools when pruning in Roanoke, VA. Make cuts at a 45-degree angle. Avoid leaving stubs or tearing the bark. When pruning, leave enough foliage on the plant to support its growth.


Contact Us for Quality Shrub Pruning in the Summer

Overall, it’s best to consult a local landscaper to determine the best time and method for pruning your specific shrubs. At Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal, our landscapers take great pride in providing professional services for your property. If you are in the market for shrub pruning in the summer, serving Roanoke, VA, contact us today.


For more information on shrub pruning in the summer, give Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal a call at (540) 330-4761. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and information. We are happy to discuss more about shrub pruning in the summer, serving Roanoke, VA.