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Winter Tree Care Serving Roanoke, VA

Mark’s Tree & Stump Tends to Your Trees During Winter

For winter tree care serving Roanoke, VA, call Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal. Winter can be a harsh season for trees in Roanoke, VA, especially if they are not adequately cared for. If you choose to perform winter tree care serving Roanoke, VA, independently, using the right tools is essential. American Arborist Supplies has a great line of tree care tools and supplies. Here are some tips on how to care for your trees during the winter months:


Prune Your Trees: It’s essential to remove any dead or diseased branches from your trees before the winter season. These branches can fall during heavy snow or wind and cause damage to your property or injure someone. Pruning also promotes healthy growth for your trees come springtime.

Mulch Around the Base of Your Trees: A layer of mulch around the base of your trees can help retain moisture and insulate the roots. In addition, mulching can protect them from harsh winter temperatures.

Water Your Trees: Even though trees are dormant during the winter, they still need water. If there has been a dry spell, give your trees a good soaking. Doing so will ensure that they have enough moisture to make it through the winter.

Protect Your Trees from Pests: Winter can be a prime time for pests to invade your trees. Consider using a dormant oil spray or other pest control methods to keep pests at bay.

Hire a Professional Tree Care Service: If you’re uncomfortable with performing winter tree care yourself, consider hiring Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal. Our technicians have the tools and knowledge necessary to care for your trees during the winter months properly.


By following these tips, you can ensure your trees stay healthy and strong throughout the winter season in Roanoke, VA.


Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal takes pride in helping customers with winter tree care in Roanoke, VA. Call (540) 330-4761 or check out our Facebook page for advice, tips, and tricks about winter tree care serving Roanoke, VA.