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What Insects are “Bugging” Your Tree

Tree Bugs Can Leave Lasting Damage in and around Roanoke, VA

Do you know what insects are “bugging” your tree? Unfortunately, some bugs can cause significant problems. Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal is here to help determine what insects are “bugging” your tree. In this month’s blog, we will explain what those bugs are.

Learn About What Insects Are Bugging Your Tree

Unfortunately, there are several different bugs that can kill trees, and cause significant problems. These bugs don’t need an invitation to your summer barbeque in Roanoke, VA. They will crash your party if they find a tree they like. Here are some common tree bugs:


These bugs suspend themselves from the plants they feed. There are more than 120 different bagworms known to attach.

Japanese Beetles

It’s easy to spot these bugs since they’re highly visible around your property. Japanese Beetles leave behind skeleton-like leaves after eating the tender areas of the leaves.

Scale Insects

Small-scale bugs hunker down, and don’t move much once they find a tree they like. They may just like a bump on the branch.

Spider Mites

These bugs can cause a lot of damage by using their piercing and sucking mouthparts. Spider Mites can cause damage by sucking the cell contents from leaves.

Lace Bugs

Using their piercing and sucking mouthparts, lace bugs draw all nutrients from your tree. Most lace bugs live on the lower surface of leaves.


When it comes time to kill these insects, reports about the best insecticides for citrus trees in 2022. Visit Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal in Roanoke, VA, to discover what insects are “bugging” your trees.

Let Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Kill Bugs that Cause Damage

Our dedicated workers take great pride in helping our customers understand what insects are “bugging” your tree. Visit our store today in Roanoke, VA, to check out our other tree services.

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