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How to Know if a Tree is Sick

It’s Essential to Know the Signs of a Sick Tree

This month, Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal will show you how to know if a tree is sick. Trees are some of the most beneficial things in our yard. However, there are times when they can become ill in Roanoke, VA. The Arbor Day Foundation explains some tree ailments to watch out for. Let our team of passionate professionals show you the signs that explain how to know if a tree is sick.

Look for These Signs of Sick Trees in Roanoke, VA

Often times there are some clear signs that something is wrong with your tree. However, some signs are not obvious until a branch breaks, and the tree starts to lean. Here are some common symptoms of a sick tree:

Wilting Leaves

Wilted leaves do not work at full capacity for the tree. They can cause the tree to suffer.

Yellowing Leaves

Trees with yellow leaves often result from nutrient deficiency. It’s essential to fertilize your trees for the best possible treatment.

Brown Leaves

Salt damage from the winter road or salt spray can cause leaves to turn brown. Brown spots often come from insect damage.

Moldy Areas

Fuzzy or moldy areas on the leaves are usually signs of a fungal infection. Treatment involves watering early in the day to allow time to dry.

Holes in Leaves

Trees that have holes in leaves often come from insect damage or fungal diseases. Serious infections require sprays or systemic tree injections.

Dead Branches

Broken branches might mean a serious tree-health issue is developing. Dying or dead branches often signifies a natural tree decline.

Leaning Trees

Unstable trees can be a dangerous hazard. Look for areas of sudden bark, insect infestations, cracked areas, and more when determining leaning trees.

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