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How Often Should You Trim Trees

Tree Trimming Can Help Trees Last Longer

Do you often wonder how often should you trim trees? Homeowners throughout Salem, VA, and surrounding areas ask us that question all the time. Think of tree trimming like getting a haircut. Maintaining a consistent schedule can lead to sturdy and robust growth. Mainly tree trimming varies on size, age, type, and health. This month, Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal will help answer the question: how often should you trim trees?

It’s Important to Know When You Should Trim Trees

We recommend trimming mature trees every three to five years. Younger trees will need some trimming done every two to three years. Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal recommends pruning fruit trees on a yearly basis. While some trees may not need any trimming that year, we recommend looking them over just to make sure.

Know the Right Time to Trim Trees

Generally, it’s best to trim trees in Salem, VA, during the winter months. Between November and March, most trees are dormant, which makes it the right time to trim for the following reasons:

  • Less Impact on the Surrounding Landscape
  • Less Susceptibility to Disease or Insects
  • Trees Heal Faster
  • You Can Save More Money

Use the Proper Tools for Tree Trimming

Once you decide to embark on tree trimming, it’s essential to use the proper tools. You want to make sure you understand the purpose they serve, and how to use them. has a list of the best tree pruners for 2022.

Trimming Trees Can Produce Great Results

Maintaining a consistent schedule can result in solid growth. Homeowners throughout Salem, VA, and beyond love their trees, and always strive to make them last longer. Trimming trees on a routine basis will result in:

  • Allow More Sunlight
  • Eliminate Weak Branches
  • Eliminating Excess Branches
  • Increase Air Flow
  • Maintaining Natural Shape

Give Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal in Salem, VA, a call at  (540) 330-4761, contact us online through Facebook. Our staff of dedicated workers is proud to help Salem, VA, know how often you should trim trees.