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Digging Up Tree Roots for Proper Removal

Do You Know How to Dig Up Tree Roots?

Digging up tree roots in Roanoke, VA, can be difficult for homeowners. The team of arborists at Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal can help. Tree roots can inform us if our tree’s health is starting to decline. Roots that look diseased or rotten may have more significant issues underneath the bark. Here at Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal, we show you the best process for digging up tree roots.

This month we will show you a checklist that our team follows when digging up tree roots. We will also explain the reasons behind digging up tree roots and how to choose the right root to remove. Tree root removal takes a vast amount of steadiness and precision with your tools and hands. Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal is proud to educate our customers on digging up tree roots.

Follow This Checklist To Properly Dig Up Tree Roots

Tree roots can sometimes be unsightly in our yards, causing us to want to dig them up. Removing tree roots isn’t as simple as using a shovel to dig a hole. Our arborists follow this checklist when digging up tree roots:

Trace the Root: Cutting the root too close to the tree can cause structural instability. We always measure the tree’s trunk diameter before digging. Tracing the tree roots helps us determine a safe distance to dig from without causing harm to the tree.

Start Digging Up Tree Roots: After we measure a safe distance, our arborists begin digging up the tree roots. We use our shovels to dig a hole around the tree to remove the roots. It’s important to remember not to disrupt the tree’s roots in the process.

Our team uses a spade when digging up tree roots to help loosen them. Leaving space around the tree root will make it easier to dig. Make sure to dig under the tree root as well.

Install a Barrier: After we finish digging up the tree roots, we want to make sure they don’t come back. Our professional arborists always create a barrier under the soil to prevent roots from regrowing. In this situation, we install heavy-duty plastic tree root barriers 30-inches below the surface of the soil.

Monitor the Tree in the Coming Days: Take a look at your tree daily to evaluate its health. If branches are starting to die and fall off, it could be a sign of too much damage. This situation can be dangerous because it could cause the tree to fall. If this is the case, please give your local arborists a call. Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal is available to the Roanoke area and beyond.

Digging up tree roots is sometimes necessary due to a tree’s growth, age, or previous storm damage. SF Gate explains that tree roots may not undergo a prolonged decaying process as tree stumps will. Some tree roots grow back aggressively, leaving sprouts where the roots are. Removing the roots can stop this regrowth.

Remember to Remove the Right Tree Root

Trees have several tree roots to provide nutrients. When digging up tree roots, it’s important to remember to choose the right one. Digging up the wrong tree roots could deprive the tree of needed nourishment. Here are some guidelines to follow for digging up the right tree root:

Don’t Dig Up the Largest Tree Root: Larger tree roots do the critical job of keeping the tree in place. If a root begins at the base of the tree and flairs out, it’s known as a structural root. Digging up a tree’s largest root can cause the tree to become unstable. Always make sure to find smaller tree roots when digging.

 Don’t Dig Up More Than 20 Percent of Your Tree’s Roots: Digging more than that will risk killing your tree. If you feel that you need to do more than one round digging up tree roots, space it out. A reasonable time frame for spacing out digging up tree roots is about three years. Spacing out digging up tree roots will ensure you do not cut off too much too soon.

When digging up tree roots, it’s essential to remember not to dig everything at once. Only dig roots that might be causing damage to the tree, your home, or your neighbor’s home. It’s also vital to remember that roots are how your trees get water and other nutrients needed for survival. Unsightly tree roots are good ones to dig up because they may lower your home’s value.

We Provide Quality Tree Root Digging for Roanoke, VA

Digging up tree roots can be a daunting and dangerous task to do by yourself. Let the experts at Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal take care of it. For over 20 years, we have helped our loyal customers in Roanoke, VA, with digging up tree roots. Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable workers will work with you to ensure everything is done correctly.

Our staff’s experience will make the process go as smoothly as possible. Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal also provides 24-hour emergency tree service and tree estimates for residential and commercial properties. We proudly offer active military members and senior citizens discounts on their service. We offer professional tree services too, like tree removal, stump removal, excavating, and more.

For more information on digging up tree roots in Roanoke, VA, give Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal a call at (540) 330-4761. Our team brings over 20 years of experience in the tree service industry to the office every day. We are more than happy to help our customers with digging up tree roots.