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How to Prepare Trees for Severe Weather


Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Asks: Are Your Trees Prepared? Do you know how to prepare trees for severe weather? Most people don’t think this is necessary when a storm comes. However, preparation for anything is the best possible defense. It’s imperative to prepare your trees and any yard plants before the severe weather season […]

Know The Right Time to Trim Trees

Blog 3

Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Asks: When is the Right Time to Trim? How do you know the right time to trim trees? Generally, the answer depends on the type of tree you’re trimming and what you are trying to accomplish with it. At Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal, we encourage our customers to trim […]

Using the Right Tree Removal Tools for the Job

Blog 2

Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal Asks: Are You Using Right Tree Tools? Are you using the right tree removal tools for the job? Here at Mark’s Tree & Stump Removal, we take pride in educating our customers on using the proper tree tools. Most homeowners who do their own work use simple safety equipment, saw, […]